Ok, folks!  We're approaching the end of the third quarter... Unreal.

On the previously-mentioned stories:

The piece on the pastor who used to be a part of a gang didn't turn out quite how I'd hoped it would as a video piece.  That being said, I'm planning to use audio from the video to make a neat audio piece!  

The TFA piece went well.  Not as well as I hoped, but still.   I keep hearing Ira Glass' words on the creative process going through my head... one day, I'll get there.  Day by day.  Check out the video below for more on that...

I just received some great feedback on my CrossFit for Kids piece today and am looking forward to reworking parts of it and strengthening my narration... I'll post it as soon as it's complete!

As for the interview with the Holocaust survivor who was on Schindler's List?  I interviewed her daughter instead.  It was an awesome interview!  I feel like focusing on the way that the Holocaust has impacted the children and grandchildren of survivors is really, really interesting.